Be the master of self

It is very wisely said, "Thoughts are things." , "Knowledge is the highest good." When we fill our mind with positive and optimistic thoughts, it makes us steady, healthy and happy. It is the power of thought that makes a man rise or fall.

Mostly where a man makes a mistake, when he face any difficulty or problem, he tries to manage outer situation. Here the main game takes place that he is not able to understand that problem is not there in outer world, but it is in inner world. We always try to fix outside, never try within.

How foolish it is that we are willing to change everybody and everything around us where we have no control, and not willing to change our own self where we have control. Boss is willing to change an employee and an employee is willing to change his boss or a company. Parents are willing to change their children and children are willing to change their parents. Husband is willing to change his wife and wife is willing to change his husband. The energy we spend in making efforts to change others, if we spend half of that energy in changing self, many problems can be solved. When we transcend our understanding we realize that obstacle is not outside, it is inside, it is in mind. It's in me. In our own thoughts and feelings.

When I blame something else as a reason of problem, I refuse to accept my responsibility to create it. This is the root cause of failure in life for which a man fails to recognize. This is the matrix that God has created and I play a victim role. Being a victim I can not change it and I throw off the power to change that God has gifted me. The moment I accept my responsibility that I have created it, next step comes that I am able to change it. 

People are very found of Destiny. They plea that what can they do if they don't have good stars. They believe more in stars than own self and God. This is weak psychology and reason behind is.. many times we follow religion or indulge in spirituality but still being driven by blind beliefs. Philosophy makes us think when we apply it meaningfully. Nothing will fall into place, until I do. First I should believe in self and God. Don't fathom into constellations. 

Some are crippled by dependency on instruments or other people. If we ask him why did he fail... He will find fault with tools or lack of proper guidance or any thing else. I would say that this is escapism. I am running away by using an excuse. This will also not lead us to the success. I need to be self reliant in this case. How long will I waste in finding fault. By reading good books definitely I can make my way.

God has gifted us a free will, ego & creativity. We are free to choose. We are not puppets and the world is not a puppet show. Man can realize that he is able to change his circumstances if he becomes aware with light of knowledge. So don't wonder around or wait for somebody to come or something to happen and change life. It is we that make change, it is we that make difference in own life. Don't let it happen, make it happen.

In every religion it is said that Man is the unique creation of God. In Bhagvad Gita God said, "Every soul is my creation." Bible said, "Man is made in the image of God."  Shakespeare said, "Man is the crown of creation." So It is an infinite and intimate truth that God has created us. And accordingly "Power of Creation" has also been gifted with. 

So recognize that we are potentially divine and we have the power to create circumstances we desire. Let us change the rigor. Let us own the power to change. Let us have the courage and accept the responsibility. Let us take the charge of the ship and sail in the direction we want. Let us be a dreamer not a drifter.

An attitude about a situation or a problem is more important than reality. An attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. When we change our thought patterns, it influences us to feel good and definitely the problem fixes itself. When we make our mind steady, calm, serene and healthy, we realize the same in life. So looking within is the way out.

I feel deeply that a man is made by his beliefs. As he believes, so he is. A man's own self is his friend, a man's own self is his foe. We are the captain of our ship. We are the creator of our destiny. One can make his own way if he is willing to...Buddha said so "आत्म दीपो भव:" (Enlighten own self.)

People are very much enthusiastic to change the Nation & the World. We should appreciate them as at least they have will to change something. But how the world will be changed if I am not willing to be changed.. Unless and until I am ready to bring change in self, nothing will be changed. Nation or World will be changed by my own example not by admonition. 

In management there are two terms.. (1) Area of influence (2) Area of concern. I may have concern that what President should do, but I don't have influence on that. Rather than focusing on giving an opinion and an advice to others, let us focus on self study and self change, where I really have influence. 

I have observed that people have reckless and meaningless attitudes about own life and others. I pity them as they are not able to understand importance of an attitude and how it plays a vital role in building life. First thing is that I should understand the role of own attitude in building life. Let us develop the positive mind set and will to change.

If I am willing to change each area of my life, I must start changing thoughts. It's all in the state of mind. Read good, think good, feel good and do good. Nurture a company of good books and good friends. Change will occur from thought to feeling, feeling to action, action to habit, habit to character and character to destiny. Change will occur from a man to the family, a family to the society, a society to the nation and a nation to the world. As a man is the cell of the society, when a man will be changed every thing will be changed. Let us be a candle in the dark. Let us be a ray of hope in the age of crices. 

So Bring change. Transform self. Sublime with good qualities. Ultimately we are contributing to the nation and the world in positive way, in constructive way. Be positive, stray positive. Stay motivated, inspire others. Ultimately good will be increased and come back to us as more good. Happy reading...

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