God gave me an angel !

God gave me an angel right here on earth
She taught me values and gave me self worth

She guides me though life with her wisdom,
God’s light…she steers me from wrong,
and leads me towards right.

She stands by my side,
When things are rough.
She taught me in bad times,
We need to be tough.

She’s there when I need her,
Through out all my years.
She laughs with me in happy times,
And comforts my tears.

My angel on earth was sent from above,
She’s paid not in wages but with eternal love,
She’s been my confidante, my rock, my protector.

And when God says her time is through,
I know I won’t forget her.
She needs not a halo or silken wings of grace,
For the glory of God’s love shines upon her face.

My guardian angel,
Can be replaced by no other.
She’s God’s gift to me,
I call her my dear mother !

It is hard to believe that you are not coming back,
I cannot be strong; it is courage that I lack.
It has been months since your death happened,
Although it still seems like yesterday.

But sometimes it feels like you are somewhere near,
I remember your voice from long ago.
I feel empty I feel lonely,
I wish to have your loving blessings.

When I just saw you laughing,
Oh mother ! where are you ?
I hope you are okay,
I will save my thoughts for yet another day.

I am doing a lot better now, how about you?
My feelings are still torn, scattered and askew.
I wish, I desire to see you and touch your face,
And sleep peacefully in your caring embrace.

But now you’re gone and far off away,
With everyone wishing they could make you stay.
We all miss you wherever you are,
Some nights I think of you, looking up at the stars.
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