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Attitude of gratitude

“When we change the way we look at things, things we look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyre
Gratitude is an ingredient that turns lack into more than enough, sorrow into happiness and defeat into victory. If we want to create a more happy and fulfilled life, if we want to have an abundance on every level of life, the way is to feel blessed for whatever we have.
I personally realized three points that changed my state of mind from complaint to gratitude. (1) I could have more than I have, but what if I could have less than I have. (2) If I am not grateful now, when will I be? One who thinks I will be happy after having something, it’s an illusion. (3) One who is in lack can be fulfilled but one who always feels lack can’t be fulfilled.
Being grateful in the now is requisite. One does so is happy everywhere. Happy and abundant is he, who is deeply grateful by heart. In a real sense, gratitude is an attitude. Here are a few inspiring words for developing gratitude.
Be thankful that you don’t have e…