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The happy man's shirt

Once upon a time, there was a happy and wealthy kingdom. An honest and just King ruled the land. But all was not well. The Queen was worried. She had noticed a change in the King's behavior. He had gone from happy and pleasant to irritable and angry. Sometimes would even seen him crying and moping around the castle. He would not eat the food on his plate and at night he would toss and turn in his bed. One morning, the King refused to get out of bed. The Queen immediately called for the royal physician. He examined the King from head to toe and decided that there was nothing physically wrong with him. The Queen did not believe it. She called for other doctors from far away kingdoms, but they too said the same thing. The Queen did not give up, for she knew there was something very wrong with the King. There was one doctor left. Dr. Monticarlo, from far away, saw the problem right away. "He has a severe case of Melancholia," he exclaimed. Everyone was shocked. The King's roy…

Songs of joy

In this age of crises, in these days of discomfort, everyone is craving for joy. We may try to find it in outer world. And when we fail to attain it; we grieve, we grumble. Our heart fills with gloom.
In such dryness and dreariness, this poem fills internal jollity. Whatever the situation is, however the happening does, sing a song of joy and mirth. To be happy is an inside job, never outside. When we realize it, we can develop positive understanding of life.
We can not control the outer circumstance. It is beyond our reach. But definitely we can control our inner circumstance. It is within our reach. In any condition, we have a choice; weather to be gloomy or to be jolly. So why to choose negative. Choose to gay and glee.
Youth has a concern with mental state. When we have spirited thoughts, we are young. Why to think negative and worried about death in young days. Death is celestial and heavenly.
Greed and hunger makes a man slave of passions. What we enjoy makes rich or poor not wh…

Meet everyday with joy

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Towards every day, how my attitude is? Do I look with abusive thoughts or blessing thoughts? Do I pursue a day with a negative or a positive in mind?
Quality of my own perception defines experience and result. Amount of mental energy spent is the same. But result differs. One makes us miserable while other makes us worthy. It is only due to my own outlook.
So let me look inside. Let me sublime within. God has gifted me the freedom to choose. I am not a victim. Thinking is my blessing. Let me be aware of my power. I can direct my thoughts. I can choose positive over negative. I can choose hope over despair. I can choose faith over doubt.
Here is a wonderful short poem. It teaches me; how to take up a day? To open eyes with gratitude. To greet a day with reverence. To approach work with holiness. To meet difficulty with hope and faith. To act for the ultimate purpose of life. To meet people with love and smile. To end a day with the…