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Love and Gratitude are divine and heavenly qualities. Being grateful out of love is the inner spring of development. When we fill our mind and heart with them, we feel in positive way. Negative is being disappeared and positive is being flourished. Important thing is that we may feel blessed in good times, but when we feel blessed in difficult times, it reflects positive attitude.  
Here is a small inspiring poem of God’s love to her child. We may think that in pleasant period God is with us but in scuffling period he leaves us. Here is a man who thinks and feels in same way. He dreamed and seen own self walking at the seashore.
He complained to God, “In my good times, there were two sets of footprints, but in struggle when I needed most, you left me. There was only one set of footprints.”
God replies wonderfully with love, “My precious child ! That one set of footprint is not yours, it’s mine. I carried you in your upsetting times.”
We may feel annoying and niggling in disturbing and …