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On the seashore

“GOD waits for man to regain his childhood in wisdom.”
~ Stray Birds

We all are running after the success. Sometimes it seems running after an illusion. The quest is endless. For things we run after, are they really making us happy in life? Let us peep in the society. The men with all worldly success, are they really happy by heart? May be or may not be. It’s probability. Things can give us comfort but not eternal happiness. We may think that this is the right time to gather the things. More we have; more comfortable the life would be in later years. But can I assure that I will be alive tomorrow? Life is uncertain and things are fragile. I am working hard for frail things actually. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work hard. But craving for things makes us cry. I need to learn: how to enjoy in now? And how to enjoy in little things of life? If we miss pleasure in present; how will I enjoy in future? Work for dreams with vision of future; but with a heart in present. Work hard and en…