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Learn to wait

Wait. The most important learning in life. It’s a wise saying: Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, no jam today.
When we aim high, when we yen something, when we struggle hard, when we pour all, and as a result when we don’t get anything, what would be the situation of mind.
Anyone can lose heart, lose hope and give up. It's natural. In such distressing moments, God wants us to learn the importance of waiting.
Longing is the most difficult situation for a man. When a man loses faith, none can help him. So in the hankering situation, be calm. Keep faith and hope in mind. Never let them go down.
Initially, when we saw a seed we care a lot. We pour water, give fertilizer, spread medicines, we do everything for it to grow. But if we lose hope and give up a halfway, we won’t get fruits out of it. So the way is: have hope and keep on putting efforts.
If we see with a positive eye, there is a joy hidden in every condition. Man must learn how to find it. We can enjoy difficulties. We grow and be st…