Who will win ?

“Grandma, please tell me story” A 5 years old boy asked to his grandmother, “You forgot yesterday also. Tell me now”Grandma looked into eyes of cute little boy, smiled and softly said,”Ok, listen…Once upon a time, there was an open swimming competition in one village. 

Participants have to swim from one side of the lack to another side. Total distance to swim was around 500meters and winning prize was Rs. 10,000/- which was so much for village people, around 20 years ago. But only hurdle in the competition was, there were crocodile family leaving there into the lake."Crocodiles?" boy surprisingly whispered."Yes dear" Grandma continue...

 At given time almost everyone gathered at lake and terrifyingly just before the race people saw Crocodile around the starting point. Everyone was scared; no one was ready to jump, no one want to win the race. Prize was 10,000/- but life is priceless. So finally, officially race started but no one tried to win the race, no one jumped into the lake."What happened then?" boy asked curiously. 

Grandma smiled back and said,"Then, after around 10-15mins, one short man with curly hair jumped into the lake and so he won the race and prize of Rs. 10,000/- also. Within no time, he got famous not in his village but other nearer villages also and people started talking about bravery of a short man who jumped even knowing about crocodile”“Do you know why that short man with curly hair win the race” Grandma asked. 

Boy had no answer; he looked in sky direction, finger on his closed lips like he was thinking something. “He won because he was short and had curly hair”, boy said.Boy looked at his grandpa’s bizarre reaction on his answer, he stopped for a second and said again, “Because short man participated?” Boy with questioned face, wanted to know if he answered correctly.“You are right but do you know the secret behind why he was the only one to participate”Boy just nodded in reply. 

“A secret was” Grandma whispered, “Someone from the back pushed him into lake”Boy smiled, both laughed. “He swim so fast and reached to other side of the lake. But he probably won’t win the race if there were other participants” 

“So real hero behind the win of that short man was FEAR” Grandma continued, “No one else participated because of fear and short man swim very fast also because of fear.”  

SO This is exactly what happens with almost every one. You have that capability to swim to other side of the lake. You have capability to win the race, to achieve success. But most of us never jump into the lake; never even participate to win, and all this only because of fear. Only because of fear of failure or fear of losing something. It’s very easy to say or write and hard to do but not impossible. You can. 

Come out of fear, close your eyes, smile and just jump, success will be yours.
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