Spring of Happiness

It is interesting to know... which country is the happiest country in the world... refer the link below..

It inspires us to think......

We have rich and divine heritage of Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita... How many Gods we believe in India... How many religions we follow in India... How many rituals, customs and traditions we follow in India.... If we have the most ancient and rich heritage... If we have so many Gods and Religions... If we are following such good rituals and customs... Then why we are sad and unhappy. India must be the 1st in the list... But India has 70th position. Still we need to Introspect...

Why it is so... Because we don't understand where the happiness is... We are trying to find it somewhere outside.. somewhere in the materialistic objects. If happiness lies in worldly articles and ornaments then, who possess it, must be happy. But we see in the society that those who have big banglow, big bank balance, costly car and all materialistic objects, seems to be unhappy in life. Very few are happy among them. If anyone is happy with all havings then he has true understanding. In real sense happiness is not in objects and worldly possessions. It is within us. It is a state of mind. It is in our attitude.

Secondly we don't know why we are believing in God. What rituals and customs we follow, we don't know why we are following. We are just blind followers. We don't use our mind and intellect. What ever I am doing ... Am I doing it with full understanding ? Am I doing it with understanding of real meaning of it ? It is a big question that... Are we really spiritual ? What we think... what we feel... and How we perceive makes the difference. Real happiness lies in being a good human being.

Third thing is ... When somebody hurts us. If any one will utter something wrong or comment negatively about us. It pains us. We remember it properly and recall it number of times a day. Ultimately negativity will be increased and it makes us sad and gloomy. If it runs in a long way then it creates major disease in future to our body. In such way forgiveness is the best remedy to be happy.

God has given us wonderful body. In that he has put mind and intellect. These are the major means through which we can get and feel happiness. Happiness is not in place or object. It lies within us. It's about inner journey. By going within we can find, discover and have it. It is a state of mind.

By developing positive thoughts and emotions we can discover that divine treasure of pleasure. By developing positive habits, we can have it. By doing good actions, we can have it.

First of all we have to choose that I want to be happy. Sense Of Gratitude is the biggest remedy to be happy. By heart be grateful to all of them who has played a role and contributed good in life. Be grateful to God for what he has already given. Only those can be happy who are thankful to God for what they have. Feel blessed. Explore, expand and wonder into this gratitude feeling and see the miraculous results in life.

Forgive and Forget is also a healing medicine. We don't remember how many gifts have been given, but easily remember if anyone hurts once. We repeatedly recall it and engross it. This is a slow poison. It will lead us to severe disease if we don't take care of it. Just pray to god and by heart forgive them and forget it. How simple it is ! But we hold tight and don't let it go. Loose ego, anger and emotions attached with it. Similarly if we have hurt anyone then ask for forgiveness. Let it flow out of mind like river. If we do this deeply by heart definitely we will feel relaxed.  

Hope, Faith, Love are few other qualities that we need to ponder on. By reading good books and by doing good actions, we will be able to get happiness. By practicing these things we will have the positive, happy and healthy state of mind. So don't wonder any where. Spring of happiness is within us.

This article is nothing but an "Anjali" to our ancient and recent Rishis who have been giving this wisdom from our old scriptures. So man can have a way to be happy and healthy.

Let us contribute to Nation by understanding what we do. Let us contribute to Nation by being happy. Let us contribute to Nation by Self Transformation. Let us contribute to Nation by Self Sublimation.

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