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Be the master of self

It is very wisely said, "Thoughts are things." , "Knowledge is the highest good." When we fill our mind with positive and optimistic thoughts, it makes us steady, healthy and happy. It is the power of thought that makes a man rise or fall.

Mostly where a man makes a mistake, when he face any difficulty or problem, he tries to manage outer situation. Here the main game takes place that he is not able to understand that problem is not there in outer world, but it is in inner world. We always try to fix outside, never try within.

How foolish it is that we are willing to change everybody and everything around us where we have no control, and not willing to change our own self where we have control. Boss is willing to change an employee and an employee is willing to change his boss or a company. Parents are willing to change their children and children are willing to change their parents. Husband is willing to change his wife and wife is willing to change his husband. The…