A dialogue with God

Once a man looked at sky and asked, "Oh God, please talk to me." Then a bulbul bird sang a beautiful song. But a man could not hear it!!

Then again he looked at sky and whispered, "Oh God, I want to listen your voice!" At the same time thunder stroked in clouds with long rumbling sound and lightning. But the lost man did not get it!!  

He was amazed for ignorance of God! At that dark night when no one was nearby, he said, "Oh god, I want to see you! Please give me your glance!" At the same time one star twinkled with sparking shine. But that man could not perceive it!!

Now he was about to cry. He said, "Oh God, I do not understand that why are you ignoring me? At least show me your miracle today!" At the same time pain of delivery started to his wife. Immediately he brought her to hospital. After some time he was gifted with a cute child with beautiful eyes. But alas! That man was still not able to understand anything!!

Now he became angry. He yelled, "God, recognize me, you are there. Touch and realize me. Then only I will accept your presence." God took a wonderful form of a colorful butterfly. Then came to him and touched him. But he let the butterfly fly away with his hands. He again sighed with yearning, "I am sure now that God exists nowhere."

Many times we miss the blessings given by God. Because it is not in the form we want it to be!

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