Five easiest ways to be happy

What makes us happy ?

We all want happiness. But why is it so hard to come by? Why do most of us spend entire life seeking for happiness but never realizing it?

I think it’s because we are looking in the wrong places. Most of us go looking to any other person or thing. When we try outside; we fail. It’s frail efforts that don’t lead us anywhere. We don’t reach the destination and finally goof in misery.

We change relationships, jobs, cars, houses, friends, etc. always thinking if I had that; I’d be happy. But when we get that thing it only brings temporary happiness. Then we start looking for the next happy high.

Some look to negative ways like smoking and alcohol to find happiness. We feel status and style in it. Actually we escape instead of facing reality in such ways. It’s nothing but a blunder only. We harm own self and lead self to death.   

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend my entire life looking for happiness only to find it and have the buzz wear off, the relationship crumble, or the job just not work out.

Here are five simple ways to be happier :

Here are five quick, simple and easy ways to be happy. We may know it but forget to apply. Believe that ultimate happiness doesn’t resides in outer world; it’s within us. We need to process for it. We need to elevate our understanding for true happiness.

(1) Realize that happiness is an inside job :

Realize that my own thinking makes me what I experience in particular situation. My own beliefs let me experience. What this means is that happiness must come from Within. Make the mindset and skill set shifts. Replace old negative thoughts and beliefs with new & empowering ones. Think and feel positive.

(2) Let go of the past & future :

Brooding upon past and hatching upon future are the biggest reasons of unhappiness. Past is past and future is not yet come; then why to think over it. We stick to them tightly and grumble that we are unhappy. We can’t make any change in past or future. Let’s open the knot and let it flow. Let go of both of them.

(3) Forgive own self & others :

To err is human and to forgive divine. We all are human beings. No one is perfect. Wisdom comes out of mistakes and experience. Feeling bitter about it is not a healthy way. Learn out of it. Forgive self and others and let it go. Just flow ahead. Life always brings good experiences in journey.

(4) Stay in the present moment :

Our mind is wavering at every moment. It’s his strength and weakness too. It’s needed to put positive efforts to bring own mind in present moment. Do it by psychic technique or spiritual way. Whatever works for us; we can apply. Now is the precious gift of God. Accept, cherish and celebrate in it.

(5) Love self heartily :

Don’t dismay self. Don’t dishonor self. We make own self tiny and pitiful and complain for others. Be grateful that God has gifted this wonderful life. Feel dignity about self. In Indian ancient scriptures it is clearly stated that we are potentially divine. We are the children of immortality. Almighty God is within us. We are blessed and divine. Realize and feel it.   

God loves us and cares a lot for us. So he has gifted us freedom. Choice is ours.
Do we really want to spend entire life looking for the next happy high ? OR
Do we invest in our self and live every moment being present ?

Happiness is always a choice. We can’t wait for circumstances to get better. We have to create our happitude. So look for the ways to be happy everyday.



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