My good right hand

आलस्यं हि मनुष्याणां शरीरस्शो महारिपुः ।
नास्त्युद्यमसमो बन्धुः कुर्वाणो नावसीदति ॥

आलस्य इन्सान के शरीर का सबसे बडा शत्रु है । उद्योग जैसा साथी नहीं क्यों कि उद्योग करनेवाले का नाश नहीं होता ।

Laziness is the crooked enemy and an endeavour is the intimate friend of a man. Because efforts never let a man die.

When we work with faith, anything is possible. Even we can make a way in great odds. Faithful work can make a way in gigantic difficulties.  

In life all days are not same. Difficulties and dangers are inevitable. No one can escape from them. When we fell in the clutch of circumstance; we afraid, we complain, we escape. We search for any one who can save us. We wonder everywhere ! But alas ! None comes to help. Even close friends, whom we relied most, turn their face.

In such grim and gloom, who doesn’t leave, is faith. Faith in self and faith in God, have power to shake anything. And God has gifted us an ability to put efforts. Triumph is the greatest blessing. When we try, when we put our forth with full faith; the adversity turns into the advantage and the misfortune turns into the opportunity.

Seeking help outside is to build a castle on the sand. Don’t turn around to seek help. Look within. We are the savior in own self. We are the master of own self. We are the creator of our destiny. Don’t fathom into constellations. Believe in self and believe in God.

God is with me and within me. He is not against me; he loves me alot. He never leaves me; whatever happens. This is the true spirit, must be infused within.

No difficulty is giant, no calamity is tyrant. Everything is blessing and being sent by God. It has a divine purpose when we perceive through a positive window. Let’s have firm faith. When we start putting efforts; the way gets cleared. Only the inner main can save us, none the else.

Here is a small poem about it. It tells that how frail is to look outside for help. Poet has full faith in God and full faith in his good right hand. In spite of friends and fortune, his courage revived. And he raised himself from sorrows and sufferings with his own endeavour. So poet is grateful to God and grateful to his good right hand.

Here it is :    

I fell into grief, and began to complain ;
I looked for a friend, but I sought him in vain ;
Companions were shy, and acquaintance were cold,
They gave me good counsel, but dreaded their gold,
"Let them go," I exclaimed : " I've a friend at my side,
To lift me, and aid me, whatever betide.
To trust to the world is to build on the sand ;
I'll trust but in Heaven and my good Right Hand."

My courage revived, in my fortune's despite,
And my hand was as strong as my spirit was light ;
It raised me from sorrow, it saved me from pain :
It fed me, and clad me, again and again.
The friends who had left came back everyone,
And darkest advisers looked bright as the sun ;
I need them no more, as they all understand, ---
I thank thee, I trust thee, My good Right Hand !

~ Author Unknown


So the conclusion is : have faith in self, have faith in efforts, have faith in God.


Without efforts we can’t achieve. Don’t desire anything free.
Efforts are never in vain, Don’t lose faith.
We have capacity to make efforts. Don’t feel diffident.
Continue to make efforts. And pray for help. The help is assured.   
~ Rev. Pandurang Athavale (From Bhagavad Gita)


उद्यमः साहसं धैर्यं बुद्धिः शक्तिः पराक्रमः ।
षडेते यत्र वर्तन्ते तत्र दैवं सहायकृत् ॥

जहाँ उद्योग, साहस, धैर्य, बुद्धि, शक्ति और पराक्रम ये छे (गुण) होते हैं वहाँ तकदीर मदत करती है ।

Endeavour, valour, patience, intellect, strength and adventure. Fortune favours, where these qualities are.


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